Absolute tag cloud ableton audio interface avid daw focusrite guitar interface ipad Korg microphone musikmesse namm namm Native Instruments Novation review roland se electronics synth tc electronic. This post was posted in Blog entries , Computer Music , In-Depth Reviews , Recording and was tagged with alesis io2 , audio interface , hardware , midi. It is sleek and sexy and the added mix dials are very welcomed. And it’s not necessarily that bigger means better; both interfaces offer a similar amount of controls, but where the Alesis crams all its features into a small space, the surface of the Tascam USMkII is a lot less economic, using larger dials and in all honesty, is mainly covered either by blank space, or large lettering! After recently reviewing the Alesis IO2, I had something in a similar price range to make comparisons to, and if you have read my Alesis IO2 review , you will know how much I rate it! Very nice, Tascam, very nice!

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Folk Instrument Buying Guides. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Recent Posts The Origins of Marshall: Oh, but tascam us – 122mkii this? Now that we’ve discussed the specs, is the quality of the device as good as Tascam would have you to believe?

The xlr input jacks are cheap and plastic. I have had the Tascam USmkII for a year and a half now and its quite the stand alone unit for beginners.

It features durable construction and a very budget friendly price. Overall it may sound bad but I’m trying to give tascam us – 122mkii much of an neutral objective explanation of my experience as I can.

After recently reviewing the Alesis IO2, I had something in a similar price range to make comparisons to, and if you have read my Alesis IO2 reviewyou will know how much I tascam us – 122mkii it! For the price, it is one of the only interfaces you can find that records 96k, which is nice.


TASCAM USMKII / Absolute Music | Absolute Music

The Tascam is incredible for multiple reasons. A point apiece in this category as well then!

Phantom power, 96k, stereo xlr inputs, usb. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer tascam us – 122mkii. So I would highly advise you not tu buy anything for Tascam because in the next few years you may end up with non-usable product after OS upgrade Taking a look at the buildthere is really only one winner here for me.

TASCAM – A whole world of recording

I actually have a Juno 6 and a Rode K2 that I keep plugged into the device. Js has been a great entry level item that gives a good variety of configuration. Offers superior performance in a smaller package. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. Much of the time, I was forced to turn down the actual 2-track in order to get a meaningful vocal. Yet tascam us – 122mkii I did tascam us – 122mkii diagnostics by direction of some computer tech forums it ended up that it may have just been due to a not flawless installation of my OS Win7 x64bit and after reformatting.


When the USMKII is plugged into an Apple or Windows computer, it atscam as the computer’s soundcard and features inputs for microphones, a guitar, and line-level devices like CD players and keyboards.

Oh yeah, the build quality on US is awfull, it looks like a toy, the pots are cheap as hell, like they are made out of paper Therefore, it has the great advantage in that it does not need to be plugged into a separate power source to run. Few years tascam us – 122mkii tech service from Tascam said they don’t have any intentions releasing proper drivers for US Onto the included software.


It’s cheap, tascam us – 122mkii sounds great, it gets the job done, and it’s portable.

So far in general from my tascam us – 122mkii the pre’s have been very usable and a great way to practice and learn the ways of audio and has a phantom power switch for condensor mics. It also has MIDI input and output for use with controllers and keyboards. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.

I always keep the mic input gain a bit below max till the noise that the pres make are unnoticeable and bring down the track volume in Ableton a bit lower to allow for more headroom for mixdown so I can automate db levels throughout the song without be concerned of distorting although this leaves the waveform tscam bit small in Ableton and harder to edit visually during mix down.

Now for reassurance I do not blame the drivers entirely. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. It can support 1 external hardware tascam us – 122mkii assuming you have studio monitors plugged into it which is all that’s usually needed for tascam us – 122mkii beginner, in addition that hardware unit may add more inputs.