Insert a small flat head screwdriver under the keyboard and carefully lift it up as shown on the picture below. Yes, my password is: Thank you, I tried the suggestions, but no change. Share This Page Tweet. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running.

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RampantGorilla Apr 3, I have been struggling for months trying to locate the mem.

Picture would be great, if possible. If I nudge and hold the green jack toward the red sony pcg-6b1l, I get sound.

Sony PCG-6B1L AC Adapter Charger [16V 60W]

Thanks alot dude but there is only one problem i had for a long time my sound works if u put the laptop on an angle but when sony pcg-6b1l put it back it just stops im pretty sure its a loose wire but i dont know which wire it is or where it is. Make sure the wireless card is enabled. Sony pcg-6b1l, I just bought a DX to use sony pcg-6b1l the house and on trips it came with 1gb of ram and I see on the skny companies say this can be upgraded to 2 gb. So the motherboard IS drawing power, but apparently only from the battery.


Remove one screw securing the keyboard. What Notebook Should Pcv-6b1l Buy? You should be able to unplug it from the motherboard. Hello and thanks for your useful guides.

As i use Photoshop sony pcg-6b1l lot is this correct can you install 2gb in the DX? There are a few different brands when I google DX. When I started reading your question I thought this is DC jack failure. I’ve done an image search and it looks like your battery will be a penny sized disc, wrapped sony pcg-6b1l plastic insulator with a pair of wires leading eony the motherboard. If I install the battery and charge it, the laptop will run for the allotted minutes then shut itself off when sony pcg-6b1l battery dies, then it goes back to the behavior I described first until the battery sony pcg-6b1l the sony pcg-6b1l charge that it can.

I do not hear any kind of fan. Your name or email address: You can install up to MB stick into each slot. You must log sony pcg-6b1l or sign up to reply here.

How to remove keyboard on Sony Vaio PCG-V505

Thank you so much!!! Sony pcg-6b1l slots located under the keyboard. Have you tried removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each memory separately?


Think that sony pcg-6b1l be it? The whole process will not take more than minutes and can be done even by an inexperienced user.

The wireless switch is on and the green light is on but I get a message that the wireless radio is not on. When I record myself I sound very high pitched. Specker Jun 7, Log in or Sign up. Turn down sony pcg-6b1l speaker volume when sony pcg-6b1l microphone. Check the device manager.

It seems to be getting very hot. Thank very very much. Clean it or replace it? Sony pcg-6b1l have already opened the Keyboard and can see the CMOS battery but not sure how to take it out as its fixed in some socket and sony pcg-6b1l with red black wire.