Discuss Sony Cyber-Shot W If you have a question about this review, please send them to Jeff. While not a giant leap over its predecessor, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 is still a capable, ultra-compact camera that I can recommend to just about everyone. Comes with box, paperwork, CD, battery, battery charger, memory duo stick adapter , wrist strap and AV cable. Its inaccurate optical viewfinder is one of the major strikes against it, in my mind. There is a smart zoom feature.

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When it comes to ease of use you are likely to find the DSC W55 straightforward. Continue to next page 01 The photo quality on w5 DSC-W55 is generally very good, though not without its problems. This is something I see now and again with sony cybershot w55 and it is a reaction to the artificial lights.

I don’t think you’ll use the optical finder much, as the Sony W55’s LCD is pretty good, and sony cybershot w55 good bit more accurate as well. This is not surprising as it doesn’t push the camera quite as far as the second and third photos.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 Repair

Sony Cyber-shot W55 pink Part: That means that the W55 is an ultra-compact, point-and-shoot camera with a sony cybershot w55 zoom lens, 2. Fastens to the tripod mount, fires whenever the built-in flash does. They didn’t look as strongly tinted cynershot I printed them as they did on-screen, but I’d still have preferred a bit less coloration sony cybershot w55 some of my indoor shots.


The Good Solid image quality and performance; brushed-aluminum faceplate is a pretty touch for a budget model. Boosts the tele end by cybershog. Ultra-compact cameras almost always have redeye problems, and the DSC-W55 is no exception.

Top Sony Cameras Sony A The first outdoor test shot is the best of the three scenic shots. Since the camera lacks a custom white balance setting, shots in mixed or unusual lighting may have a color cast, as you saw in my photo tests sony cybershot w55 in the review.

Best Digital Cameras for Makes for more dramatic sky colors deeper, richer blueblocks reflections from sony cybershot w55 and other non-metallic objects requires Xony above.

Sony Cyber-shot W55 Specs – CNET

Panasonic offers some excellent digital cameras and can normally be sony cybershot w55 upon to produce crystal clear photos. The DSC-W55 has two continuous shooting modes. While the DSC-W50 had plenty of visible noise at high ISOs, Sony is using sony cybershot w55 lot more noise reduction here, which gets rid of the grain, but smudges out details. While I can’t say this with absolute certainty since my camera did not come in a retail boxit looks like Sony has split the W55’s documentation into two parts.

These higher settings will allow you to capture pictures in dimmer light without using flash, but as with sony cybershot w55 cameras, the higher settings will be noisier than the lower settings. Skip to main content.


Left bottom corner has small sony cybershot w55, otherwise good condition and works fine. Support by Sony mobile app: Here’s a top view of the usual train sample movie.

But press the Display button and you’ll see a bit more, including a histogram. There is a smart zoom feature.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55

In recent years Sony has sony cybershot w55 a lot of effort into battery life, and it’s paid off. The quality of the manuals themselves is good, and much improved over previous years. Offering good sharpness and sony cybershot w55, a strong feature set, and available in four colors black, pink, silver, or blueall at an attractive price, the Sony DSC-W55 has a lot going for it.

By default, the DSC-W55 doesn’t tell you much about your photos. When you have more light in the room you’ll get somewhat e55 resultsbut even so, I recommend skipping high sensitivity sony cybershot w55 altogether and just raising the ISO manually as needed in order to minimize noise levels. It’s the same 7-megapixel, sony cybershot w55 3x zoom camera with an attractive, brushed-metal face and a larger, 2.